Temperature & Moisture Switch

Are you tired of dealing with your roof and gutters heating cable during the winter months? Our smart switch is designed to work with roof and gutter de-icing cable, ensuring that there is no un-necessary waste of electricity caused. 

The switch is equipped with temperature and moisture sensors that detect when there is a possibility of melt water refreezing and ice dams forming. This means that the switch will only energize the heating cable when it is cold enough and when water or snow is present. This prevents unnecessary waste of electricity, saving you money on your energy bills.

The switch is easy to install and can be used with any roof and gutter de-icing cable(120V, 10A). By using our smart switch, you can keep your roof and gutters ice-free without waste of electricity. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of dealing with ice buildup and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your cable is controlled by our smart switch.

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