Quick Connection Technology

The installation of self regulating heating cable always takes time and needs multiple tools to complete. To simplify the works, the quick connection solution comes out.  SRQ is a simpler and safer connector, which saves the labor and time cost by the faster installation. It is specially designed for work with the heating tapes, which is 11~14mm, and the distance of the conductor is 7~12mm.  The connection can be as simple as only using a knife and a diagonal plier, removing a part of the outer jacket, treating the braiding, and twisting our SRQ connector, no more time-consuming works.

SRQ offers advantages such as:

  1. Environmentally friendly – Reusable
  2. Aesthetic – No more heat shrink tube
  3. Simple – Easy to install and disassemble
  4. Safe – Simpler works preventing human error
  5. Economical – Save the Installation cost

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