Prefabricated Heating Module

EP-HM is a customized surface heating solution, which integrates the heat trace cables into the insulation materials. It can be designed perfectly to match your applications. The module can be used in a wide variety of applications like floor heating, wall heating, industrial heating, and any other surfaces in need of heat, regardless of the size, the environment, and so on. EP-HM offers advantages such as:

  1. Safety ensured – EP-HM is 100% completed by professional technicians.
  2. Cost-saving- EP-HM saves the labor and time costs by almost no installation work.
  3. Easy to ship (convenient transportation)- EP-HM is the foldable module, which is easy for storage and shipment.
  4. Custom – EP-HM is 100% customized which can be designed based on the working environment.

As a leading heat tracing manufacturer, we assured you that all the products will follow the safety and security certification by third party, and are subjected to intense performance and endurance testing through our IEEE515 EP-L labs.

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