Intelligent Temperature and Moisture Switch

Features: Integrated Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Features: Integrated Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

ITM integrates advanced temperature and humidity sensor for real-time detection of ambient environment. It converts the temperature and humidity values into electrical signals, transmitting them to the MCU for logical analysis, and regulates the power supply for heating cables according to the analysis result. The intelligent power management technology enables a balance between convenience and energy conservation.

Intelligent Power Management System

ITM intelligent temperature and humidity detection technology, which will automatically turn on power when the surrounding temperature is  ≤37.4°F (3°C) and the humidity is ≥60%rh. Conversely, if the surrounding temperature is ≥44.6°F  (7°C) or the humidity is ≤40%rh, the power is automatically disconnected. The system is especially suitable for roof deicing application, leading to cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.

Advanced Sensing Technology

With SMD Surface Mount Device package technology, integrating dedicated ASIC chips, and enhanced MEMS Semiconductor Capacitive Humidity and on-chip temperature sensing elements. ITM can perceive changes in temperature and humidity in the air through variations resistance values.

Stability and Reliability: We have extensively optimized the sensors to ensure their stability and reliability in challenging environments. The performance of the new generation ITM is better than that of the previous generation, ensuring stable and accurate temperature and humidity detection.

Advantages: No External Sensors!

  1. Sufficient Airflow: ITM is designed with proper “windows” on the casing to ensure that the sensor makes ample contact with the air, enhancing the accuracy of temperature and humidity detection. Sufficient airflow helps ensure timely monitoring of environmental changes for ITM.
  2. Internal-External Isolation Design: The sensor is completely isolated within the casing to minimize the influence of the internal air on sensor measurements, ensuring an accurate detection.
  3. Small Blind Zone: The ITM sensors detect snow through air temperature and moisture, eliminating the need for direct contact. This design ensures a small blind zone, enhancing precision and reliability in snowfall detection.
  4. Thermal Isolation Design: The sensor is isolated from internal heat sources, minimizing the influence of internal heat on sensor, ensuring accuracy of temperature and humidity detection.

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